EIDOD Arts Development Foundation was founded in 2005 by Dr. Ludmila Bereznitsky, Lubov Michailova and Petro Bagriy 
  Dr. Ludmila Bereznitsky,President and Executive Director of EIDOS, is the driving force of the Foundation. Dr. Bereznitsky is at the center of contemporary art dynamics in Ukraine, constantly promoting change and innovation. 
  Lubov Michailova,Founder and Chairman of the Supervisory Board of EIDOS, believes contemporary art crosses political and social divides. Michailova is native to the industrial east of Ukraine, fostering her interest in exciting and economically charged projects.
  Petro Bagriy,Founder of EIDOS, is a generous patron of fine arts with a zeal for preserving Ukraine's cultural heritage. He believes that EIDOS can help create an environment in which the arts in Ukraine can thrive and contribute to a more creative community. 


Human, museum...and contemporary art

Coming soon! The Final of International Competition "Art a priori: contemporary histories"