\"A spires Embers\\Albatros Nest\"

 \"A spires Embers\\Albatros Nest\"

 September 11 - 27  2009 

 Cultural and museum complex \"Mystetskyi Arsenal\" 

 30 Ivana Mazepy str, Kiev, Ukraine


 Initiated by Lubov Mikhailova

 Curated by Adam Nankervis

EIDOS Arts Development Foundation presents “A spires Embers \\ Albatros Nest” – special project within GogolFEST festival, that occupies 1500 square meters of cultural and museum complex “Mystetskyi Arsenal” with unexpected and great  installations and objects.    


“A SPIRES EMBERS is an exhibition exploring the notion of fracture and fractured states within the newly ruptured, ruptured, broken and building of states in and of the current global zeitgeist. Here we explore Orpheus\' turning gaze. What we find are testimonies to past present past futures.
An exploration of spiritual, political, financial territorial shifts, dislocation, anhebriahation of the new, the despair of the lost, the seduction of the found.
Artists are invited in the construct of a spire, an aspiration to flood the temple\'s steeple within a dialogue of saturation to be housed in the Mystetskyi Arsenal (Kiev).
 Like an albatros nest, the marathon of trawling of flotsam jetsam, installed in a tower of spatial conduction which will be wrought with the findings and works of artists, both nationally in the Ukraine and internationally.
Artists are invited to do interventions within the superstructure and outside within the vaulted states of the Mystetskyi Arsenal.
This paradigm will be multi disciplinary, painting, sculpture, video, sound installation, performative action, time based work, bringing together a ruptured choir of different dialogues.”

 Adam Nankervis




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“The aim of this project, initiated by Lubov Mykhailova, one of the founders of EIDOS Fund and curator Adam Nankervis is to find a unity between the destructive and constructive aspects of the modern world. The “Albatross Nest” project is an investigation of a new world of the talented curator. It is an attempt to give the museum status to everything that is associated with the past, the present and the future. The most unusual things are exhibited in “Mystetskiy arsenal”. The works of young artists, mature masters and Soviet social realistic artist who have found shelter in this flux.\"

 Ludmila Bereznitska

 President of Arts Development Foundation

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Artists List:

Alexandra Eibl  (Germany)  

Alina Kopytsya (Ukraine)

Alina Yakubenko (Ukraine)

Anja Teske (Deutschland)

Alma Tischler (UK/Deutschland)

Anatoly Belov (Ukraine)

Benjamin Devor  (Germany)

Beverly Fre$$h (USA)

Brigitte Jurack (UK/Deutschland)

Britta Thie  (Germany) 

Carlos Silva (Chile)

Caterina Davino (Italy)

Gamlet (Ukraine)

David Chichkan (Ukraine)

David Medalla (Phillipines/UK)

Deborah Wargon (Australia)

Denis Salivanov (Ukraine)

Dmytro Kornienko (Ukraine)

Dominick Eggermann (Schweiz)

Emre   Soykan  (Cyprus)

Fat315 crew (apl 315, nam2) (Ukraine)

Garth Gregory (Australia)

Geeske Bijker (Nederlands)

Herve Constant (France)

Hatty Vidal Hall (UK)

Iaroslav Kolomiichuk (Ukraine)

Igor Kanivets (Ukraine)

Illya Kireev (Russia)

Illya Chichkan (Ukraine) 

James Edmonds (UK)

Janne Schaffer/Kristine Agergaard (Deutschland/Danmark)

Jan Moevius  (Germany) 

Jenny Brown (Australia)

Josephine Behlke  (Germany) 

Kai Teichert (Deutschland)

Kanta Kimura (Japan)

Katya Grin’(Ukraine)

Kirill Protsenko(Ukraine) 

Lan Hungh (Taiwan)

Lauren Moffatt (Australia)

Lello Lopez (Italia)

Lennart Grau  (Germany)

Lesya Trofimenko (Ukraine) 

Lorainne Clark (UK)

Maryna Baranovska(Ukraine)

Masha Shubina (Ukraine)

Mariya Pavlenko (Ukraine)

Mikhailo Zavalniy (Ukraine)

Mitia Churikov (Ukraine)

Maxim Nimenko (Ukraine)

Petra Reimann (Deutschland) 

Revision (Belorussia) 

Ryan Lemke (USA)

Stephanie Gerner (Deutschland)

Stephan Halter (Deutschland)

Shanghay Surbir (Deutschland)

Svitlana Bielokopytova(Ukraine)

Svitlana Sova(Ukraine)

Tai Shani (UK) 

Tania Ellensohn  (Germany)

Viet Bang Pham (Vietnam)

Viktor Kharkevitch (Ukraine)

Yegor and Nikita Zigura (Ukraine)

The project includes works from private collections of Lubov Mikhaiova, EIDOS Arts Development Foundation and Ludmila Bereznitska & Partner Gallery



Please download the catalogue of \"A spires embers\"  here

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