The central aim of the programme: the international competition of curatorial projects seeks to examine the interrelations that exist between contemporary art and traditional Ukrainian art, by reengaging the history of Ukrainian art and presenting contemporary art practices alongside those masterpieces held in the collections of major national art museums in various cities of Ukraine.     

The project is designed to enliven traditional museums, reveal contemporary art to a wider audience, as well as enable the discovery of old masterpieces through the eyes of contemporary artists.

After conducting the competition, which was accompanied by educational events (workshops, lectures, round tables), it became apparent that for Ukrainian contemporary art the most pressing issues are those questions surrounding national identity and cultural attributes. Contemporary, modernist and traditional art can be juxtaposed in many ways that reveal the different moments of the process, development and transgression within the history of Ukrainian art. It became clear that in this respect the Ukrainian situation is comparable to many broader developments that frame contemporary art practices in the global art world. The most outstanding events of the past few years that have sought to examine such tensions have included the contemporary art exposition documenta 12 (Kassel, Germany), the Jan Fabre show at the halls of classical art in Louvre (Paris, France), the project Thinking Realism at the State Tretiakov Gallery (Moscow, Russia), to name but a few.  All testify to the fact that over the past five years there has been an increasing tendency in the art world towards initiating a dialogue between the contemporary and modernist, provoked by contemporary art's interrogation of questions surrounding inheritance and self-identification.     


-To unite various layers of culture through the encounter of history and the present in realized projects.
- To prepare the ground for an analysis of contemporary Ukrainian art.
- To identify contemporary Ukrainian art in the European and global context.
- To uncover the grounds, tendencies, prospects and specificities of Ukrainian contemporary art.
- To explore the specificities of Ukrainian modernism.
- To enliven traditional museums.
- To reveal contemporary art to a wider audience.
- To reveal Ukraine’s artistic heritage in a new way through the eyes of contemporary artists.
- To broaden the art milieu by new artists, curators, critics.

Participants: curators, artists, researches, art historians, art critics from all over world. Age Limit: 40 years.  

Location:   exhibition spaces of various art, historical and other museums of Ukraine (Kyiv, Kharkiv, Odesa, Donetsk, Lviv, Sumy, Berdiansk etc.).


Human, museum...and contemporary art

Coming soon! The Final of International Competition \"Art a priori: contemporary histories\"



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